The importance of performing the Pre-Trip Inspection before each trip: The pre-trip inspection is to ensure that the bus is properly functioning, in safe working condition, and to catch any problems that you may encounter before leaving the lot. This will help ensure that you have done everything that you can do to transport your students safely.

The transportation specialist will need to follow the following procedures at the beginning of each school day.


Examining the outside of the bus

  • Look for any visual damage, such as cracks in the windshield, dents on the side of the bus,  or any other types of visual damage.
  • Do a complete walk around on the outside of the bus.

Check on safety items inside the bus

  • Make sure the bus is properly certified
  • Note the date when the bus was last inspected and when next inspection is due.
  • Check the 1st aid kit and make sure it’s properly stocked.
  • Check reflectors, they must be in good working condition.
  • Check fire extinguisher: make sure it’s certified and check pin to make sure it’s okay.
  • Follow your district’s policies for any additional interior items to be checked.

However, please check with your district or safety trainer, as each district may have additional safety policies or pre-trip inspection routines.

*Be sure to follow the guidelines set down by your district.*