The new teacher evaluation system requires an end-of-year conference with your appraiser.  This conference is a time to reflect on the year and discuss any information that may be used to score Dimension IV, Professional Practices and Responsibilities. The end-of-year conference is also where the review of your individual professional development plan will be discussed.  It is important to bring to the meeting any evidence you may have on the attainment of your goals.  The discussion and formulation of your goals for the next year should be discussed at the end-of-year conference. Dimension IV will only be scored after you have had the opportunity for input during the end-of-year conference.  The Dimension should not be scored by your appraiser prior to the meeting. You can find more information about the end-of-year conference, including information from the appraiser’s perspective, here:   Next week we will discuss teachers’ rights to respond and appeal.   UEA T-TESS Tip #4:  Take evidence of successful completion of your Professional Development Plan to the end-of-year conference.  Domain IV also relates to professional demeanor and school/community involvement.  Keep any of those nice notes from parents, students, or colleagues and bring them to your meeting.  This is evidence that can be used to score that Dimension.