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I Was Assaulted By A Student

Yes, unfortunately, it does happen, and it is important that you know your rights. Each school district offers its employees (except substitutes and temporary employees) various types of paid and unpaid leave. The employee’s circumstances determine the kind of leave that applies. One of the least-known types of leave is assault leave, which is designed […] Read More

A Guide to T-TESS, Part III: Post Observation Conference

After your appraiser conducts a formal observation under the T-TESS evaluation system, your appraiser must conduct a post-observation conference with you within ten working days.  The post-observation conference is an excellent time to share your thoughts on the lesson observed. Your appraiser has been trained to ask “leading” questions during this time to help lead […] Read More


TIME TO VOTE! Our state and region has had an early voting turnout we have never seen before! Early voting continues for a few more days and election day is Tuesday, November 6th. School Funding The state legislature and the Governor directly control the amount of money our schools receive. Votes for Lieutenant Governor, State Senator, State Representative, […] Read More


USE YOUR TEACHER VOICE!  Wear your “I Voted” sticker with pride and remind your colleagues to go vote, too.  To find your voting locations and times, click on the county where you live below:    COLLIN COUNTY DALLAS COUNTY DENTON COUNTY ELLIS COUNTY HOOD COUNTY JOHNSON COUNTY PARKER COUNTY TARRANT COUNTY

Our Schools are Starved for Money – Who Pays What?

Our Schools are Starved for Money  – Who Pays What? Our schools depend on local property values and money from the state. Historically, the state and local taxpayers contributed an equal amount of money. Over the years, funding has shifted to local taxpayers with the state’s contribution shrinking. Our friends at Raise Your Hand Texas […] Read More

Improving Classroom Discipline

Who is responsible for classroom discipline? Most people would say that the classroom teacher is responsible.  However, that is not necessarily the case.  It is true that teachers must do what they can to control discipline in their rooms, but once that is done, responsibility goes to the administration.  In reality, teachers can do three […] Read More

10 Ideas For Better Classroom Discipline

More teachers will experience trouble because of problems in the area of discipline than for all other reasons combined.  Below are 10 suggestions to help you in this area. Remember, you get the type of discipline you tolerate. Do not let a student, or a few students, ruin your job, your career, or your life. […] Read More

What Is My Duty To Prevent Bullying?

Bullying is about power. One student has it, and another does not. The media has been filled with recent stories of students committing suicide because of intense pressure from their tormentors. As educators, we have a clear duty to help a student who is being bullied. Generally, teachers are protected from lawsuits related to job […] Read More

What You Need To Know About Your Planning & Lunch Times

Teachers ask more questions about planning and preparation periods than any other subject.  Below, you will find answers to some of those questions.Planning and Preparation PeriodsBy law, how much time am I given for planning and preparation?Section 21.404 of the Texas Education Code states that each classroom teacher is entitled to at least 450 minutes […] Read More