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I Was Assaulted By A Student

Yes, unfortunately, it does happen, and it is important that you know your rights. Each school district offers its employees (except substitutes and temporary employees) various types of paid and unpaid leave. The employee’s circumstances determine the kind of leave that applies. One of the least-known types of leave is assault leave, which is designed […] Read More

It is YOUR Duty to Report Child Abuse

A student tells you he or she is being abused.  What do you do?  This is very important because YOU could lose your certificate, face an investigation by Child Protective Services, lose your job, face criminal action, and be sued. According to Section 261.101(a) of the Texas Family Code, “Any person having cause to believe that […] Read More

What Is My Duty To Prevent Bullying?

Bullying is about power. One student has it, and another does not. The media has been filled with recent stories of students committing suicide because of intense pressure from their tormentors. As educators, we have a clear duty to help a student who is being bullied. Generally, teachers are protected from lawsuits related to job […] Read More

What You Need To Know About Your Planning & Lunch Times

Teachers ask more questions about planning and preparation periods than any other subject.  Below, you will find answers to some of those questions. Planning and Preparation Periods By law, how much time am I given for planning and preparation? Section 21.404 of the Texas Education Code states that each classroom teacher is entitled to at […] Read More

Two Principals Arrested for Failure to Report. What is My Obligation?

Two Wichita Falls ISD principals were arrested for failure to report suspected sexual abuse of students to Child Protective Services. In the first case, the grandparents of an elementary student reported to the principal ongoing sexual abuse by another student in the school’s restroom. The principal determined the school counselor was the best-trained person to […] Read More

Be Careful What You Carry

There’s an old Johnny Cash song called, “Don’t take your guns to town, son.” The same can be said about taking them to school. In fact, taking any prohibited or illegal item onto district property could cost you your job or your teaching certificate.  So, be careful what you carry. Remember these tips before you […] Read More

Contract Quick Reference Sheet

Summary Contract Renewal and Non-renewal   I.   Probationary – End of Term Renew: Automatically renewed if not given notice in the time frame required under state law. Termination: Notice must be given by the 10th calendar day before the last day of instruction required by the contract. Standard of review – None. No specific reason […] Read More

What If My Contract Is Not Renewed?

Regardless of how long you have taught, there is one very important thing to remember:  If you receive notice that your contract is going to be non-renewed or terminated, stay calm and do not sign anything without first contacting your association or attorney.   Different Types of Contracts: There are three types of contracts for […] Read More

Tips For Safe Use Of Your District Computer

“Your” District issued computer, is NOT yours! It may be seem like a simple concept, but a lot of teachers don’t think about it this way.  The computer that your district has assigned you to use is still district property, and is, therefore, subject to search and monitoring.  Everything you put into it can be […] Read More