After exhausting all known techniques to modify behavior problems, the question becomes, “What do I do with the child now?” In some cases, it is time for sterner measures to solve the problem. These measures are found under Board Policy FO. Under Board Policy FO a teacher has the right to send any student to the principal’s office in order to maintain effective discipline in the classroom. A student in a highly agitated state may be removed from regular classes or district premises for non-disciplinary health, safety, and welfare reasons when the Board or its designee determines that an emergency exists. Reasons that may be considered an emergency include the following:  
  1. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  2. Being highly agitated
  3. Suffering from any other condition that temporarily threatens the student’s welfare, other individuals’ welfare, or the efficient operation of the school
  When sending a student to the office, also send a written referral. Request a written response from the administrator stating the action that he/she took toward the student. If a written response from the office is not forthcoming, send a memo. (See sample memo.) Notice of what action was taken should be given to the teacher before the student is allowed back in the classroom   Download Sample Discipline Information Request Form