Below you will find suggestions to help you prepare for the day that you might be absent. A folder containing the following information and kept in your desk will be helpful to both you and your substitute.


A. Daily Schedule:

Prepare a schedule of daily activities for each day of the week. Be sure to include such activities as lunch, planning period, any recess and your seating chart.

B. Where To Find:

List areas of the room where the substitute can find such items as: 1. Teacher editions of textbooks. 2. Lesson plans (You should have a special general plan for the substitute). 3. Supplies, A.V. equipment 4. School supply room 5. Class lists, seating chart 6. Other important information

C. Procedures:

1. Opening: Lunch count, attendance, chores, etc. 2. Lunch: Needed information 3. Dismissal: Exact time, buses, duties 4. Fire Drill: Plan of action, signals 5. Privileges: Restroom, drinking fountain, library, etc. 6. Discipline plan, behavior procedures, contact person in office or team 7. Help: someone who will be supportive and can answer questions

D. Other Procedures:

1. Student illness during the class 2. Rainy day 3. Special class signals (voice, lights, other) 4. Free time activities 5. Names of parents or volunteers, and their duties

E. Other Information:

1. Children with special needs: (physical, emotional, medical) 2. Children who go to special classes (class and time) 3. Additional information or instructions