Below is a suggested example for your business card.  All cards should include:

  1. Your name, phone number and email and/or website information.
  2. Indicate the areas in which you are certified.











The UEA Staff would like to share these ideas on utilizing your business cards:

    1. Do not be shy.  You are your best advocate to get your name “out there.”
    2. Don’t forget the campus secretary and front office staff will be your first point of contact.  They are overwhelmed.  Include a small zip-lock bag of mints or bite size candy bars for the office personnel as you leave your information.  THEY WILL REMEMBER YOU!
    3. Be generous with your business cards.  Hand them out to everyone, everywhere.  Teachers that attend your church or civic clubs are great points of contact!
    4. At the campus level leave enough cards for the Principal, Asst. Principal, Department Chairs and Grade Level leaders.  Once you have subbed, be sure to leave your card with everyone on the TEAM with whom you worked.   Leave them in the Teachers’ Lounge too!
    5. If you don’t have a professional email, get one.  Any personal address you have that is a throwback to high school days is a professional roadblock.  Do not use “imahotone” or “imstudlee” as a contact email address.
    6. DO NOT provide links to your social media accounts.  This can be the beginnings of a professional Waterloo should an employer access your account and find inappropriate content.
    7. Do make sure you have a LinkedIn account set up, and feel free to share that.  While there are some administrators that are still old-school resume readers, there are others that won’t even look twice at you unless you have a LinkedIn profile.  A few nice endorsements from your friends and former coworkers will go a long way as well.