What is the responsibility of the teacher regarding modification?

The standard classroom teacher is expected to modify methods, materials, and pacing so that students with special needs can benefit from instruction in the well-balanced curriculum within a standard classroom.

What do the rules say about help for the classroom teacher?

State board criteria go on to say, “Token efforts will not suffice when determining whether a student’s goals can be achieved in the regular classroom. The district is obligated to provide reasonable support necessary for the student to attain the goals.”

What should I do if I believe a child needs more help than is being provided?

The burden of proof for justifying increased aids and services rests with the person making the request. A teacher of a student who needs more help than is initially provided must make a request, and the teacher must have good records to show the reason for the request.

What Special Treatment Should Be Given?

A child with disabilities should be treated, as much as possible, like any other child. It is unfair to the child not be allowed to compete. Many people feel that children with disabilities should practice meeting the standards of the “normal” world as they are growing up so that they can gain confidence and independence.

Will My Attitude Toward Children With Special Needs Have An Effect?

If you perceive the special needs child as someone to be pitied or as someone from whom little should be expected or demanded, then probably little will be accomplished. If, on the other hand, you expect the child to succeed and grow, and to learn to act independently, then chances are good that the child will become a successful, growing, independent student.

   You cannot simply remove a special needs student by using the UEA Sample Student Removal Form. Instead, you must request an ARD. At the ARD, you must request that the student receive a more restrictive environment.