In April, the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) board set insurance rates for districts and employees who participate in the TRS ActiveCare health insurance system.

The premium rates increase from 4.4% to 9.4% depending on which plan you choose. In addition, they made changes to deductibles and other plan coverages. 

At the Crowley School Board meeting held on May 31, 2018, UEA’s Regional Manager Tami Sanford spoke of the yearly cost of insurance for a para-professional and family ($13,788) in comparison to their gross 12-month salary for 187-days ($17, 593 for paygrade 201).

Already in a deficit budget, a 2% raise for would push the deficit to approximately $43 million and a 4% raise would bring it to right at $4.1 million.

UEA has been working very hard to make sure employees receive the best raise possible.  We will keep you updated as more develops.

Watch Tami’s board speech…