The state’s new evaluation system, Texas Teacher Evaluation & Support System (T-TESS), consists of three components:

  1. Goal Setting and Professional Development Plan
  2. The Evaluation Cycle
  3. Student Growth Measure

Over the next several weeks, we are going to offer a deep look at each component.  This week we begin with Goal Setting and Professional Development Plan.

Goal Setting

Under PDAS, the old evaluation system, teachers took one “snaphot” of themselves when doing their self-report.  T-TESS is intended to promote continuous, professional improvement and you can see that in the Goal Setting and Professional Development Plan.

The first step in T-TESS is a goal setting meeting with your appraiser.  The conference is intended to review student data and professional goals of the teachers.  Actions to accomplish this goal should be discussed.

After the goal setting conference, the teacher should develop their own Goal Setting and Professional Plan.  This plan must be approved by your appraiser and has to be completed and turned in no later than the sixth week after a teacher receives T-TESS orientation training.

The Goal Setting and Professional Development Plan should be updated by the teacher throughout the year.  Sometimes, goals need to be adjusted and that is allowable.  It is best to keep the appraiser informed of what is occurring with the plan throughout the year.

Here are a few resources for the Goal-Setting and Professional Development Plan including examples:

UEA’s T-TESS Tip #1:  Be realistic in your goal setting.  It is great to have those “reach” goals but make sure what you develop is workable.  Remember, not all “professional development” activities need to be the “sit and get” kind.  It could include working with colleagues or other district professionals in a more informal setting.