FAQ: Medicare

FAQ: Medicare When should you sign up for Medicare? If you are already drawing Social Security when you reach the age of 65, you will automatically be signed up for Medicare and receive a welcome packet around your 65th birthday. If you are retired and not drawing Social Security when you reach 65, your initial …

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FAQ: Social Security

FAQ: Social Security What is the average check distributed by SS, and what is the maximum that can be drawn at full retirement age? The average check is $1500/ month, and the maximum in 2016 was $2600/ month for someone retiring at full retirement age. Typically, how much of your needs during retirement does social …

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FAQ: TRS and Retirement

FAQ: TRS and Retirement Is it true that I will get a check from TRS and the school district for June, July, and August? Yes!! The checks from the district come from money withheld from your pay so that you can be paid in the summer months. You have already earned the money.  TRS checks do …

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