1. Write a response and ask for change. Any time you are unhappy with a walk-through, observation, cumulative document information, or anything else, you should write a response to rebut the facts or clarify your position.
  1. Watch the timelines. Watch all timelines, especially those relating to the summative report and summative conference.
  1. Be sure positive information has been included. The summative report that reflects the overall score should include ALL information taken throughout the year.  This would include ALL walk-throughs that have occurred, cumulative data collected, and the Teacher’s Self-Report.  Be sure that positive walk-throughs and positive information supplied by you have been included in the overall scoring for the SUMMATIVE report.
  1. Check HOW Domains were scored. Be sure that any information used to determine your PDAS score was reliable, supported by fact, and shared with you within the required time.
  1. Check WHEN Domains were scored. Domains VI-VIII are determined by cumulative data and the Teacher’s Self-Report.  If these domains were evaluated before the Self-Report was turned in, the evaluation process has been violated.
  1. Make sure you were given advance notice of areas which need improvement. If you have not been given negative walk-throughs, reprimands, or other types of information which would indicate a problem, you should have ratings of at least proficient in each area. They should have had the opportunity to improve BEFORE the summative report was given.  A negative evaluation should not be a surprise to anyone.
  1. Ask for a second appraiser. If you choose to request a second appraiser, it must be done within 10 working days of receiving a written observation summary, a summative annual appraisal report, or both. Never ask for a second appraiser before you check with your association.
  1. If you need additional help, call your association. If you are placed on a growth plan, you should immediately call for help.  TEA rules say, “A teacher who has not met all the requirements of the intervention plan may be considered for separation from the assignment, campus, and/or district.”