Tuesday night, the FWISD School Board discussed whether or not to continue the SCAs.  The board members voted 7-1 to table the discussion and took no action.  Trustee Ann Sutherland led the charge for the elimination of the SCAs. Administration gave information to the school board that 92% of the principals in our district favored continuing them in some fashion.  84% of you told us you wanted them discontinued.  Ultimately, the voice of administrators (including central administrators) appears to be more important to the school board than the teachers who are working directly with students in the classroom. The day before the school board meeting, Administration sent a letter to principals providing some flexibility at the schools with 60% or higher passing rates on the most recent or future Benchmark tests.  (To read the letter, click here) Because your hard work has your students performing at high levels, your principal now has the option to use or not use the SCAs.  UEA is concerned that nowhere in the letter are teachers mentioned or given a voice in this decision. UEA wants to thank you for your input on the SCAs.  We listened and shared your thoughts with the school board and Administration.  Below you can watch UEA’s Executive Director’s speech to the board supporting teachers and the elimination of the Short Cycle Assessments.  Your Association will continue working on this issue because we know it is important to you.